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I’m one of those crazy people who love the rain. Give me a cool, cloudy, stormy day and I couldn’t be happier. Thunder and lightning? Bring it on. I grew up in a small house on a cul-de-sac. On rainy days I would go to my bedroom, open all the curtains, play records on my little portable record player, and read, and watch the rain. When the rain stopped drops would cling to the glass until the sun came out and evaporated them away. However, on the shady side of the house the rain drops would continue to hold on for just a little longer, as if they were suspended in the air. Then when it became too much for them to stay they would let go and little rivulets would cascade down the window panes. In this piece I wanted to capture those few seconds before the droplets gave up their hold.

Polymer Clay and Macrame'

After the Rain

I used resin, mixed in very small batches, and layer the droplets with a toothpick, making sure each layer dried before adding the next drop. I had to let the resin sit just long enough to be a consistency that would land on a level surface without spreading. It was tedious and took a few days however I am happy with the results.